The Revolution of Consciousness (essay on the teachings of Krishnamurti) ~ Dominique Schmidt


We have reached a dead end with no apparent way out. As the title of this indicates ‘The Revolution of Consciousness’ shows us how to radically free our mind from the labyrinth of our thoughts and of our ego.

“Truth is not to believed in; it is to be realised by oneself.”- J. Krishnamurti

About the author:
The author, born in France, spent his youth in Paris. Already when young he had a strong aversion towards any order enforced on him. At school he refused to be indoctrinated and left school at fifteen. He discovered the music of Frederic Chopin which inspired him to paint his portrait. He became an artist and found there, for a time, a refuge which awakened his sensitivity. The experience of the army was a breaking point against any institution and a thirst for freedom made him migrate to Australia. Disappointed with the world, his spiritual seeking started. The meeting with Krishnamurti was coincidental. A young woman perceived in the author some affinity with the thought of Krishnamurti and gave him one of his books. After reading it, an echo was felt deep down in his being which was setting him on the path of liberation. The author has dedicated himself to the study of the Life Divine and the integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.

auteur: Dominique Schmidt
ISBN: 2951932510
taal: Engels
paperback: 144 pagina´s
uitgeverij: All India Press
1e druk, 2003
formaat: 140 x 220 x 8
bijzonderheden: zeldzaam

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