The Last Morning Star ~ Osho


talks on the Enlightened Woman Mystic, Daya

The last morning star symbolizes all that is ephemeral in this world. Talking on the playful and provocative poetry of Daya, Osho takes us on a journey from the transient, from our world outside, to the eternal, our boundless world within. This is the journey of the heart – the joyous, spontaneous, and at times uncompromising way of an enlightened woman mystic.

“Bear this in mind. When the dissatisfaction you have with things is turned inwards and the contentment that you have towards the inner is turned outwards, you have already become a religious person. You only have to make this small change.” – Osho

taal: Engels
gebonden in linnenomslag: 454 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Osho International Foundation
eerste druk: 2000
illustraties: zwart wit illustraties door het boek heen en binnenzijde cover full-colour illustraties.
formaat: 148 x 210 x 30
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