The Impossible Question ~ J. Krishnamurti

about the roots of thought, mind & brain, personal relationships, meditation and self-knowledge

By means of a series of exchanges, Krishnamurti helps his audience to explore matters like the origin and roots of thought, the limits of consciousness, the nature of pleasure and joy, personal relationships, and meditation, all of which revolve around the central issues of the search for self?knowledge. The Impossible Question reveals the unique approach of a profound thinker and teacher; it will prove invaluable to those who wish to gain insight into his philosophy or into themselves.

auteur: Krishnamurti
taal: Engels
gebonden: 207 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Gollancz
2e druk, 1973
formaat: 130 x 204 x 24
ISBN: 9780575015562

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