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The Fine Art of Meditation ~ Master Subramuniya



Meditation in its highest form requires the discipline and dedication found in the fine arts. In the initial stages of the process many questions arise. We want to know how to breathe, what to eat, whom to study with, what to concentrate upon. In ‘The fine art of Meditation’ a Western Guru, Master Subramuniya outlines the attitudes and practices demanded of his own students. Master is obviously not interested in having us amass more knowledge about spiritual consciousness; he wants us to experience it for ourselves and is willing to give the needed knowhow.

taal: Engels
paperback, 1e druk, 1973
uitgeverij: Comstock House
illustraties: zwart-wit foto’s
formaat: 139 x 139 x 7
bijzonderheden: is gedrukt op bruin ecologisch papier