The Brockwood Talks & Discussions 1969 ~ J. Krishnamurti


At Brockwood Park in Hampshire (England) an educational centre has been started for students between schoolleaving age and university. Krishnamurti has spended much of his time there when in Europe. In September 1969 he held a series of public talks and discussions at Brockwood, which took place in a marquee in the grounds.
In the talks, reported here, Krishnamurti begins by questioning the accepted (and perhaps age-old) pattern of human existence based on individual awareness and reliance on resistance, opposition and conflict, hence strife and war. The individual naturally demands security, both outwardly and inwardly, and he is well aware of physical dangers, But asks Krishnamurti, ‘Why is it that we are not as aware of the psychological dangers as we are of the physical ones?’ What are psychological dangers? They cause isolation, conflict and disorder. ‘Is it possible to observe the disorder within oneself instantly, see the danger of it immediately and end it?’ Otherwise we shall continue in a state of confusion, mischief and misery.
It requires great awareness to see the total disorde in oneself, and it has to be done instantly, not bit by bit and so some to the conclusion ‘I am disorderly’. This instant seeing implies looking at the fact nondualistically. Krishnamurti says: ‘If the mind can remain with ‘what is’, it is free of the process of duality.

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