Talks with American Students ~ J. Krishnamurti


During the winter of 1968 Krishnamurti talked with students at several Colleges in the United States. To a degree, the mind of the University student is not yet committed to a particular way of life, to a ‘vested interest’ in achieving a position in society. In fact, the mind of the student – throughout the world – is in revolt against the ‘established order’, the values which determine our civilization; it sees the contradictions between religion and politics, between faith and scientific fact. It seeds the great contrast between dominant and backward nations, between affluence and poverty – and is in revolt.

Krishnamurti agrees that ‘obviously there must be a radical revolution, as reactive opposition, stemming from the mind in its state of self ignorance will only bring about further violence, both inwardly and outwardly. So: ‘there must be a radical inward revolution, a total psychological mutation, a deep and fundamental revolution in the mind itself.’

The crude revolt ‘against’ that which is seen to be false is a further phase of violence, no matter how ethical the intention or how extreme the martyrdom. The root of violence is in the psyche – it is in the personal egoistic and emotive forces generated in the involuntary processes of mentation. Freedom from this involuntary thralldom to ideatuin is the true revolution – a totaly different kind of life where there is love, which is not pleasure of desire.

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