Talks in Europe 1968 ~ J. Krishnamurti


In this serie of talks, discusses Krishnamurti many vital issues which confront mankind and every thinking indivdual today. One of the pronciple issues is the fragmentation of man´s life and mind, with all the resulting conflict, fear and violence. Krishnamurti asks: ´Whether it is possible to act so completely, so wholly, that there is no fragmentation whatsover’. This involves an inward revolution at the psychological level, which is the only solution for man. That is the central theme.

These talks have been given in three European capitals (Rome, Paris and Amsterdam) in 1968.

taal: Engels
paperback: 157 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Servire
1e druk, 1969
formaat: 123 x 204 x 12
ISBN: 9789060772690

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