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Shining in Plain View ~ John Wheeler



John Wheeler attracts a growing audience of seekers who are moving beyond traditional spiritual disciplines towards direct understanding. This book contains further dialogues and correspondence in the style of John's first book 'Awakening to the Natural State' (also published by Non-Duality Press). The emphasis is on pure non-duality (or Advaita), which is the direct pointing to the true nature of the one who is seeking. This approach reveals what is real and true about who we are and clearly exposes the false ideas and beliefs that generate doubts, problems and suffering. The result, as shown in the dialogues in this book, is that those who are willing to explore these pointers come to a direct experience of freedom and the end of seeking and suffering.

auteur: John Wheeler
taal: Engels
paperback: 269 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Non-Duality Press
1e druk, 2005
formaat: 140 x 217 x 18
bijzonderheden: boek wordt niet meer gedrukt, laatste exemplaar
ISBN: 9780954779269