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Self-Realization ~ Al Drucker

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The Knowledge of the Absolute

A rendering of the Astavakra Gita, the non-dualistic classic which has been a perennial favorite and mystics since Vedic Times.

“There are those who think that the world exists
and that the world is real.
There are others who think that the world does not exist
and that the world is not real.
Rare indeed is that blessed one who does not think,
but who is ever calm, abiding in the absolute.”
– Astavakra

This book recounts the dialogue between King Janaka and the young sage Astavakra, who taught the king the highest wisdom of the self. The enlightenment of Janaka, as depicted here, took place in very ancient times, many thousands of years ago. These teachings, known as the Astavakra Gita or Astavakra Samhita, have survived all these countless millennia, because they contain the purest truth that can be expressed in words.

auteur: Al Drucker
taal: Engels

paperback: 54 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Atma Press
1e druk, 1994
formaat: 115 x 165 x 5
bijzonderheden: boekje is zeldzaam
ISBN10: 0963844911
ISBN13: 9780963844910

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