Sankara’s concept of reality ~ Moti Lal Pandit


In the world of dialogue and encounter it’s necessary to have a correct and sympathic understanding of religions other than one’s own. To make encounter real, source materials need to be interpreted in the light of their context so that new vistas of understanding may be opened up.

The author, who belongs to a Kashmiri family of scholars, has sought to allow Sankara to speak for himself and thereby has given an accurate description of how Sankara conceives the nature of reality.

auteur: Moti Lal Pandit
taal: Engels
gebonden: 96 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Select Books
1e druk, 1981
formaat: 145 x 219 x 15
bijzonderheden: boek is zeer zeldzaam en vrijwel nergens meer te krijgen
artikelnummer: WV-ZR-0137

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