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Samyutta Nikaya, an anthology ~ M.O´.C. Walshe



The Samyutta Nikaya is a Buddhist scripture, the third of the five nikayas, or collections, in the Sutta Pitaka, which is one of the ‘three baskets’ that compose the Pali Tipitaka of Theravada Buddhism.
‘The Sanyutta Nikaya deserves to be better known among Western Buddhists than it appears to ben, and it is to be hoped that this anthology will help to bring its many treasures to a wider readership.’ – M. Walshe

Zininzijn verkoopt meerdere boekjes van The Wheel. Sommige zijn echt al heel erg oud, en andere zijn in latere jaren uitgegeven.

The Wheel nr: 318/319/320/321
taal: Engels
paperback: ingenaaid, 140 pagina´s
jaar van uitgifte: 1985