Psycho-Analysis and Meditation (illustrated edition) ~ B.S. Goel


Being an outcome of deep personal experiences of not only western classical psycho-analysis but also of intense meditational experiences leading to God realisation, this is a unique book containing a blend of the best knowledge on mind and individual consciousness (bound soul) produced in East or West.

The book is not a routine research study produced though the reading of primary or secondary material on western psycho-analysts like Freud, Jung, Adler and others or even many books and treatises of eastern saints and yogis like Patanjali, Gherand and others on Yogsadhana. It is the direct outcome of personal experiences of intense psychic suffering and continuous inner search for peace and happiness for long years resulting in the successful achievement of the finest and final goal of life. The book gives much more than merely the ideas of various psycho-analysts on psycho-analysis or of saints and yogis on yoga. It significantly modifies or improves upon many psycho-analytical concepts like libido, unconsciousness, etc., on the one hand and many theories like the theory of mind and nervous disorders, theory of dreams, theory of fears, etc., on the orther hand.

taal: Engels
gebonden, 459 pagina’s
uitgeverij: Tefi
1e druk, 1986
illustraties: zwart/wit
formaat: 163 x 247 x 40
ISBN: 9788185082004

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