Psycho-Analysis and Meditation (Certain Related Essays) ~ B.S. Goel


The present volume includes 21 essays which were written on the basis of numerous experiences and insights gained during the twin processes of psycho-analysis and meditation and also after the divine experiences of opening of the third eye and the activation of the kundalini.

During the process of psycho/analytical meditation, numerous emotional experiences and psychic visions emerge with great force. They immediately illumine the mind regarding some aspects of its working. These understandings have a tendency to create mighty waves of happiness in the mind. The first 16 essays given in this book were written at such moments. As each experience represents a particular aspect of mind and a particiular stage of evolution, the emotion and knowledge expressed in each of these essays belings to that aspect and stage alone. These essays can serve one main purpose. Those persons who decide to undergo the dual process of psycho/analysis and meditation may come across experiences similar to those given in these essays. At such moments the insights developed through the reading of these essays will be of great help to such persons and strengthen their faith in the whole process,

The last 5 essays given in this book were written after the opening the third eye and after gaining insight into a higher state of spirituality. These essays represent the ´true knowledge´ that can hardly even be comprehended at the mental level. A study of these essays will help readers get some idea about a higher order of things and convince them that there is a goal of life which has to be realised through the human body. This goal is final, permanent and eternal. After realising it, nothing remains to be understood.

auteur: B.S. Goel
taal: Engels
gebonden: 147 pagina’s
uitgeverij: Third Eye Foundation of India
1e druk, 1987
illustraties: nee
formaat: 167 x 248 x 20
ISBN: 9788185082042

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