On the No-Self characteristic ~ dr. K.N.G. Mendis


Discourses of the Buddha (Anatta-Lakkhana-Sutta)

Seven weeks after the recluse Siddhattha Gotama attained Supreme Enlightenment and came to be known as the Buddha he gave his first discourse to the group of five ascetics with whom he had been associated six years earlier. These five ascetics were: Kondanna, Bhaddiya, Vappa, Mahanama and Assaji. By the first discourse the Buddha set in motion the Wheel of the Law. He explained to the five ascetics why he had discarded the two extremes of indulgence and mortification; he declared that he had discovered the Middle Way which is the Noble Eigthfold Path leading to Enlightenment; he expounded the Four Noble Truths and convinced the five ascetics that he had attained Supreme Enlightenment.
After this the Buddha came with the second discourse… which one you will find in this booklet.

Zininzijn verkoopt meerdere boekjes van The Wheel. Sommige zijn echt al heel erg oud, en andere zijn in latere jaren uitgegeven.

The Wheel nr: 268
taal: Engels
booklet: ingenaaid, 19 pagina´s
jaar van uitgifte: 1979

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