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More Gold Nuggets ~ Osho Rajneesh



August 1986 – after a world tour in which twenty-two countries had either deported him or denied him entry, Osho Rajneesh returned to India, and began giving nightly talks in the living room of a Bombay disciple’s home. People gathered from all over the world to be with him, even though they might have to wait for days to take their turn in the small space available for the discourses. Nobody knew what the future would bring, but for now, it was a joyous reunion.

The excerpts in this book were taken from that period of Osho’s work, before he eventuallu settled at Rajneeshdham in nearby Poona. Is is a rare glimpse into the world of those who have undertaken the inner search, in the company of the most talked-about and extraordinary enlightened mystic all the time.

taal: Engels
gebonden: 181 pagina´s
uitgeverij: The Rebel Publishing House
1e druk, 1989
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