The Middle Path of Life ~ Dhiravamsa


Being talks on the practice of Insight Meditation

DHIRAVAMSA is, at present, a meditation master at Valley House, Lynton, Devon. From 1966 to 1970, he served as the chief incumbent monk at the Buddhapadipa Temple, London. From September 7, 1968, until January 7, 1973, he was concurrently meditation master at the Vipassana Centre, Hindhead, Surrey.

The author´s interest in meditation began early in his monastic life in a small village temple in north-eastern Thailand where he was ordained as a novice (Sämanera) at the age of thirteen. He then began to meditate under the guidance of an elderly monk. When he was eighteen Dhiravamsa moved to Bangkok where he studied and practised Buddhism both at the traditional monastic schools and at Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University. It was during his studies at this University that he engaged more seriously in the practice of both samatha and vipassana forms of meditation. The former aims at the attainment of mental trance or absorption while the latter focuses on ‘insight into things they really are’. It was vipassana which attracted Dhiravamsa most and he still sees vipassana as the means for realising the truth.

In October 1971, Dhiravamsa gave up the robe after twenty-three years as a Buddhist monk. Now, he leads a meditative life, continuing his work of teaching, meditation and other related activities.

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