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Meditations with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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We are fortunate indeed to have what is in all likelihood a direct and accurate record of Nisargadatta Maharaj?s teachings. These are presented in the form of Nirupanas ? as passages for meditation. That is their purpose and that is where they lead. Maharaj?s words will tear away all internal and external covers and leave your innermost core bare. The uniqueness of these Nirupanas therefore lies in the fact that here they come to us from an enlightened master?s direct experience ? expressed spontaneously.

”The search for happiness is the cause of suffering… True detachment brings peace. The anxiety of ‘what will happen to me’ is removed by detachment.” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Maharaj spoke in Marathi, and Dinkar Kshirsagar, being also Maharashtrian, wrote them down verbatim. After being translated into English, they have been diligently edited by Suresh Mehta.

About Nisargadatta:
Maharaj spent nearly 50 years sharing his insights with all sincere seekers. People from all over the world came to his residence that was in a narrow lane of Mumbai. Their queries were answered and elaborated upon bearing in mind what was appropriate for the enquier’s state of mind.

taal: Engels
paperback, 382 pagina’s
uitgeverij Yogi Impressions
1e druk, 2014
illustraties: zwart-wit foto van Nisargadatta voorin
formaat: 140 x 216 x 23
ISBN: 9789382742197

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