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Kena Upanishad – Vimala Thakar


In wensenlijst
In wensenlijst

‘What is the force that directs the mind towards its objects? Whose is the motivation?’ Is there some principle that has a basic motivation which spreads into organs and directs them?…

One who says “I know” does not know, he is ignorant. The essence of life can not be divided into subject, object. All conditioned knowledge, all the movement of conditioned consciousness, is a kind of ignorance…

Life itself is Divinity. Divinity is the existential essence of life. It is not apart from life. To feel the divinity contained in the mountains, their majesty, their steadiness, to feel the divinity in the blade of grass, saplings, birds if you have the sensitivity then all of them will communicate to you through their presence…

What is the role of a human being? It is left to us to exercise the energies contained in us in a harmonious way, to manifest the inner harmony. You become a wholeness as the cosmic life is a wholeness.

auteur: Vimala Thakar
taal: Enge;s

paperback: 299 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Vimal Parivar, Mumbai
1e druk, 2004
illustraties: nee
formaat: 140 x 216 x 16
bijzonderheden: zeldzaam boek

Categorie: Onderwerp:
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