It Happens by Itself ~ Isaac Shapiro


Satsang is a golden opporunity to be, an invitation to experience life directly, a call to let go.

This book contains excerpts from the Satsangs of Isaac Shapiro that took place in many countries during 1998. In Satsang Isaac points us to That which is always here, to Awareness itself. Anything that arises, arises in This. Awareness is not a concept, so it cannot be grasped or understood by the mind, and no experience can ever contain it. It cannot be measured or materialized, yet it contains all. It is untouched, whatever we do or do not do.

taal: Engels
paperback: 166 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Luechow
1e druk, 2001
illustraties: twee zwart-wit foto’s van Papaji en Ramana Maharshi
formaat: 138 x 216 x 13
ISBN: 9790970357402

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