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I Am All, A Cosmic Vision of Man ~ Sudhakar S Dikshit


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A Cosmic Vision of Man

Man is the epitome of Brahman, the Absolute – call it God or the Self. The Absolute is Reality, it is Oneness, onlyness, fullness and eternes is-ness. There can be no duality in the Absolute, for nothing exists or can exists without it, or apart from it. Religious practices and philosophic concepts assuming the identity of man as separate from that of God, or the Self, ar misconceived and misleading, for man and God, the seeker and the sought are essentially one and the same.

1. The Cosmos is Brahman
2. Kalapurusha: the Cosmic Man
3. From Cosmic Man to Inner Man
4. The Inner Man, the Self, is Deathless
5. Sun: the Soul of all Beings
6. Aham: the I-complex
7. Idam: the Mind-complex
8. God: Real and Man-made
9. Self-realization ois God-realization
10. The Internal Way
11. Blueprint for Self-realization
12. Om: the Sound of Cosmic Resonance
13. Prana: the Vehicle to Inner Self
14. The Endless Search for Reality
15. I Am All
1. Old Age, Decay and Death
2. Death and the Cosmos
3. A Rosary of Quotations

taal: Engels
gebonden: 157 pagina’s
uitgeverij: Chetana, Bombay
1e druk, 1988
illustraties: nee
formaat: 147 x 223 x 19
ISBN: 9788185300306

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