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Ego ~ Alan Watts

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The essence of Alan Watts – a legacy of the great integrator of world philosophies

Alan Watts was concerned with the way we trap ourselves in words. He considered it unfortunate that we separate the “I” from reality and think of “I” in terms of how others see us or the image we want to project. What is the answer, hpw do we escape from the “I”= All we can hope to do is be aware of what we are doing and that we are not the words we use to describe ourselves. You will find yourself to be more functional and able by realizing that you are not what you think you are!

auteur: Watts, Alan
taal: Engels

paperback: 63 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Celestial Arts
1e druk, 1975
illustraties: zwart-wit
formaat: 138 x 214 x 3
bijzonderheden: boek is zeldzaam, collectors-item
ISBN10: 091231088X
ISBN13: 9780912310886

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