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Dakshinamurti Stotra ~ Sri Sankaracharya

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A great poem in World Literature, Dakshinamurti Stotra reveals the Poet and the Mystic in Sri Sankaracharya in unison at the highest altitude of hus being.
The four sons of Brahma born in his mind – Manasa Putras – declined to continue the line of creation. Intent on returning to the Source they found themselves in the Presende of Siva as Jnana – Dakshinamurti in a blissful inner state of ‘Knowledge by identity’. The thin veil over their eyes dropped as they, along with other sages, gazed at the luminous Silence. The perfect teaching was given and received in Silence. Sri Sankaracharya realised it in his own person and he gave utterance to that Silence of Compassionate Knowledge in these ten stanzas of winged words for the benefit of humanity.
Sri Suresvaracharya wrote a commentary Manasollasa – Brilliant play of thought – on this hymnof his Master to enlighten those who needed further help.
Added to these texts are the ancient Dakshinamurti Upanishad and Suresvaracharya’s Pranava Vartika in Nagari Script. The translation of these four texts into English is by Sri Alladi Mahadeva Sastri the wellknown scholar whose masterly introductory essay: The Vedanta Doctrine of Sankaracharya will help the reader immensely.

taal: Engels
vertaald uit het Sanskriet door Alladi Mahadeva Sastry
oorspronkelijke titel: Sanksinamurti Stotra of Sri Sankaracharya and Dakshinamurti Upanishad with Sri Sureswaracharya’s Manasollasa and Pranava Vasrtika.
gebonden: 223 pagina´s
uitgeverij: Samata Books – Madras
3e druk, 1978
illustraties: zwart-wit
formaat: 130 x 188 x 21
bijzonderheden: boek is zeldzaam, collectors-item