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Concepts of Buddhism (1937) ~ Bimala Churn Law


In wensenlijst
In wensenlijst

This book is especially published for the Kern Institute, Leiden. With a forword by the most hon’ble the marquess of Zetland, secreatary of state for India.

In this little treatise an attempt has been made to deal with some of the important concepts of Buddhism: Sarana (Profession of Faith), Paramita (Perfection). Jati (Caste), Ariyasacca (Four Noble Truths), Ariya Atthangika Magga (Noble Eightfold Path). Jhana (Meditation), Puggala (Individuality and Personality), Paticcasa-muppada (Dependant Origination), Kamma (Volition), Dhamma and Nibbana. I must confess that it has not been an easy task to handle the subject, as the main concepts of Buddhism still require a very careful consideration before saying anything definitely about them. I have, however, spared no pains to throw some new light on the subject from the texts that have not been accorded the treatment they deserve. – Bimala Churn Law

taal: Engels
gebonden met linnenomslag: 103 pagina´s
uitgeverij: H.J. Paris, Amsterdam
1e druk: 1937
formaat: 163 x 248 x 15
trefwoorden: boeddhisme
bijzonderheden: Dit boek is destijds in zeer beperkte oplage uitgegeven voor het Kern Instituut te Leiden. Collectors-item.

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