The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart ~ Osho Rajneesh

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“I am talking about Zen simply to make the point that all religions are now out of date. Zen has no clingings with the past. It is not a by-product of the past, but rather an opening towards the future. I am not unnecessarily wasting my time and your time. It is not just by chance that I have chosen to speak on Zen. We have come to a point of departure from the society in which we have lived, a moment of tremendous departure for consciousness.
Look inwards, as deep as possible. It is your own space. At the very end you will find the empty heart. The empty heart is a door to eternity. It is a connection between you and existence. It is not something physical or material. It is not something beyond both, transcending both. It is your spirituality. Remember, the empty heart makes you a buddha.”
– Osho

taal: Engels
1e druk, 1989
gebonden luxe uitvoering
228 pagina’s

uitgeverij: The Rebel Publishing House
illustraties: zwart-wit illustraties
formaat: 120 x 192 x 23
ISBN10: 3893380558
ISBN13: 9783893380558
bijzonderheden: collectors-item

Dit boek is deel van de serie Talks on Zen van Osho, welke in totaal vijf boeken omvat.

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