Beyond the Body ~ Benjamin Walker


The Human Double and the Astral Planes

The experience of mankind through the ages suggests that there exists in all individuals a non-physical entity functioning along with the physical body. Belief in the reality of such a component is to be found in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, the Middle East and the Western World. A sign of advanced Thinking in modern esoteric studies is a growing interest in this other body and an increasing desire to know more about the strange dimensions in which it operates, and this book explores the many questions that arise from an enquiry into the subject.

In examining the elements that lie beyond the body, Benjamin Walker analyses, for the first time, the traditional and contemporary data in the light of psychology, metaphysics and science. He describes the various methods for inducing astral projection, and the circumstances in which out-of-the-body experiences might occur spontaneously, when the second body is separated from the physical. His account is supported by information from such realms as folklore, anthropology, occultism, physical research, and by the first-hand testimony of many eminent men and women. The author’s breadth of learning and his objective approach help to make this a particularly and instructive study.

“The author extends the range of his investigation to include such subjects as the relation between life and consciousness, esoteric physiology, transcendental states of awareness? and the nature and destiny of the soul. An impressive bibliography at the end of the book indicates the width and depth of the author’s reading.” – W.H. Mackintosh, Psychic News

The author
Born and educated in Calcutta, Benjamin Walker has had a lifelong interest in esoteric studies. He has traveled widely and studied in India, Southeast Asia, Iran, the Middle East and Europe. He serverd for ten years as a diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, and was for two years joint editor of the quarterly Asia. Besides writing books on ancient Iran and the civilization of Angkor in Cambodia, he is the author of Hindu World, an encyclopedia of Hinduism in two volumes (Allen & Unwin, London, and Prager, New York, 1968); Sex and the Supernatural (Macdonald, London, 1970, and Harper & Row, New York, 1973); and Encyclopedia of Esoteric Man (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977). He is a contributor to Man, Myth and Magic (BPC Publishing Ltd, 1970-72), and to Encyclopedia of the Unexplained (edited by Richard Cavendish; Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1974) and has published articles in numerous journals.

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1e herdruk, 1977
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